Hello everyone - can you believe it's March already?!

We thought we would do a little post telling you all about how February was in The Flower Studio!

Rosie has settled in nicely and we spent some time working out how to make the space more organised and how to work more efficiently! My uncle built us a new work bench (which is a dream for our backs) so we're using the old one as a stationary & packing station!

We had a solid plan on the run up to Valentine's Day of how to make everything run smoothly and then that all went out the window because of THE SNOW!

We were snowed in for 2 days, not able to make it up to Ormiston or out on our deliveries. Which meant we had to fit 3 days worth of work into 1, it was interesting to say the least!

But we got all your orders out in time for the Saturday & Sunday but not without difficulty! We got stuck on Ormiston road in deep snow - luckily the snow plough was 6 cars behind us and the lovely gents came with shovels and dug us out of the snow!

We have learned some valuable lessons from our first Valentine's in business! (I.E, I maybe should have asked for help with deliveries) I think I seen more of East Lothian, Midlothian & Edinburgh than I ever had before in 2 days!

After that, we took a day off then immediately began planning Mother's Day & Easter! More about those in later posts!

Thank you so much to every single person who ordered, commented, shared a post, sent a message (or dug us out of the snow) during February!

Annie & Rosie xx

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