We have been working hard to put together price guides and packages for weddings and events! We still have a lot more work to do in this area but we are so excited for things reopening and being able to begin!

Congratulations to all of you who have gotten engaged and are planning your wedding - it's such an exciting time! We have limited the amount of weddings we are doing this year, it's such an important day to you and we don't want to overwhelm ourselves in our first year!

Because of this, we are fully booked for 2021 when it comes to weddings! Thank you to all the brides who are taking a chance on us this year - we can't wait to bring you vision to life!

As for events we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

If you're planning a special birthday or occasion and would like us to help bring it to life, please get in touch! We will have an initial consultation with you to find out more about the event then we will be able to give you a full quotation regarding pricing!

We can cater for big and small events - from archways and foliage walls for the grandeur to flower crowns and centrepieces for the more modest!

Birthdays, engagements, baby showers, hen parties or just a glam party - we are your gals!


If you would like to hire us to dress your business: whether it's a shop, a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, a spa or anything really! Please get in touch, we offer competitive business rates and discount for subscriptions - we can tailor a package deal suited especially for your business needs and we can go from there!

This could be a fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly flower subscription for your cafe, a hanging floral installation for your salon, hall way displays for your hotel, window displays for your shop, room decoration, seasonal work or anything really!

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