As we now enter into the 6th month of The Flower Studio, I decided that I needed an extra set of hands, a fresh pair of eyes and some company!

Thanks to you all for your orders, shares and recommendations the business has grown quicker than I could have ever imagined and it was time to expand in the way of bringing someone into the business to help me run it and guide it in the right direction!

I had no hesitation in my mind what so ever about who that person should be!

You may remember the collaboration I did a while back with Rosie Paterson, a good friend of mine from my many years of working in hospitality. Rosie has experience working in the field of floristry as it has been a passion of hers for a long time! Rosie worked as a brand ambassador for St Germain Liqueur where she got to work with event florists to set up special events for those in the hospitality sector and alike. We often discussed leaving hospitality to pursue our passion in the field but it took a global pandemic to kick start it!

Rosie has now agreed to join me as a partner in running The Flower Studio and I could not be happier or more excited for what's to come!

The two of us working means we'll be able to do double the work, accept more custom orders as well as taking on wedding and event work!

So expect to be seeing a lot more of Rosie & I in the coming months and thank you for sticking by me for my first 6 months in business!

You can contact rosie via email at

Annie x

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